Party Friday and Saturday

Do not look for excuses, but your shoes to get started

A legjobb funky buli Budapesten minden hónap második szombatján a Cactus Juice Pubban.

The best budapest style pub parties every friday and saturday

In the centre of Budapest, right next to the Oktogon.

Reserve a table and start the party with a dinner and/or a pub session.
If you fancy cozy, homely pubs then you will fall in love with Cactus Juice.
On weekends you can have dinner with your friends until midnight, while watching the party unfold around you.
You will hear your favourite songs all night, and we will make sure to spice up the mood with drink offers and specials.

(reservation and dinner are not a must)
We do not charge an entrance fee, but we do maintain face and dress control. Please do dress according to the occasion.


The Cactus Juice Pub is the perfect place for celebrating those special occasions, be it birthdays, name days, anniversaries, reunions, corporate parties, bachelor or bachelorette parties, etc.
Celebrate with us in your own private room, with your own private DJ at your command.
Click here for an offer.

You will not miss a drink offer in cactus


Vodka szóda

690 Ft


Gin Tonic

690 Ft


Szatmári szilvapálinka

690 Ft

A zenéről és a hangulatról a Cactus DJk gondoskodnak

A te kedvenceid pörögnek egész éjszaka

  • Dimofat Deejay
    Dimofat Deejay

    2014 óta dolgozik a Cactus Juice Pubban.
    Zenei stílusok: Deep house, nu disco, vocal house, funky, retro, latin, aktuális rádiós zenék.

    Dj szövetségi tag. Státusza éves jogosítás 2019

    • Dj Matthyas
      Dj Matthyas

      2014 óta dolgozik a Cactus Juice Pubban.
      Zenei stílusok: Funky, retro, house, mainstream, pop, clubhouse, sktuális rádiós zenék.

      Dj szövetségi tag. Státusza alkalmankénti jogosítás 2019

      • Dj Corey
        Dj Corey

        Rezidens dj
        2006 óta dolgozik a Cactus Juice Pubban.
        Zenei stílusok: Funky, DISCO, R & B, reggaeton, latin, mainstream, pop, Deep house, Nu Disco, aktuális rádiós zenék.

        • DJ GoodWill
          DJ GoodWill

          2018 óta dolgozi a Cactus Juice pubban
          Zenei stílusok: Pop, 70-80 DISCO, Funky, Latin, Aktuális rádiós zenék.

          The cactus juice pub

          for over 0 years
          located in 5. Jókai square in the 6. district has been at the heart of the Budapest pub scene. You will be entertained by our professional DJ-s playing the latest Pop, Dance, Funky and Retro music all night.

          Would you like a taste of the atmosphere?

          Check out this video.